Saturday, November 27, 2010


Diaper bags. A huge shout out to Steph for letting me know that one of the diaper bags I was looking at was on super sale on Amazon. I managed to score it for $35 (after tax and shipping). It just got here last week and it's adorable. Thanks, you're the best.

Post-partum bleeding. Um, I had no idea. I'd heard that you release lochia at our childbirth classes, but was told that it's no worse than getting your period. I didn't realize it was run down your leg, ruin your life kind of bleeding. Thanks for the warning. 

Slippers. I went with the striped slippers, and took everyone's advice on the cheapie pair for the hospital. And for those who were concerned with my spending habits and my sanity, I normally wouldn't spend that much on slippers, thanks for asking. Earlier this year I ordered a bunch of bras from Nordstrom, the bras got halfway to my house and then were "returned" by the mail system. It took nearly 9 weeks for my order to be fixed and corrected. It wasn't an issue, but to rectify the situation Nordstrom gave me a $100 gift card. Given that I've been knocked up this whole time, I couldn't use the gift card on clothes and I've been afraid to buy shoes because I heard your feet can change size being pregnant too. So I figured I'd reward myself with a nice pair of slippers that I'd normally never buy since I'll be inside most of this winter with the twins. I didn't realize slippers could be such a dichotomous issue. Who knew?

Good friends. Thank you to all of my friends who have called, texted, stopped by, etc. since I've been on bed rest. I really appreciate your friendship and your support. Being home alone all day is no picnic and I appreciate everyone for helping to pass the time. While I'm pretty sure we'll have to replace the cushions on the couch soon, I'm so thankful to still have inside babies.

Thank you. Another quick shout out to Lindsey for the sweet blog award. I definitely didn't do anything to deserve such kindness, but I appreciate your friendship and support!

Comments. Just a short note about blog comments. I keep this blog for myself and to keep in touch with friends who are dispersed around the country/world. As a result of blogging, infertility and now our multiples pregnancy, I've met so many amazing women along the way who have become my friends as well, and I'm so happy to have you as part of my life through this blog and online communities.

I try to stay as positive as possible on the blog because who wants to look back over their life and only remember the low points? Maybe that means my life comes across as easy. I've had my share of struggles, all of which I've shared here. In sharing your life, you make yourself vulnerable and over the last few months I've gotten several anonymous comments that are intentionally hurtful and malicious. So while comments are lovely and I love getting them, I've turned anonymous commenting off. Sorry if that is an issue for anyone.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving. I can't believe 2010 is almost over already!

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