Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Desperately Seeking

The perfect planner.
Yes, I still keep a paper planner. I like paper.
I like writing things down and looking at them.

I have been through many planners in my day,
but I haven't found the perfect one yet.

My first planners were day minders.

love that they had a monthly view and that the calendar was lined.
hated that they were spiral bound and either very large or very small.
I need a planner that is just right.

Then I bought the planner pad organizer.
I  loved that it had a monthly view with a notes page next to it.
But it had pages and pages of this insane weekly view,
too much granularity for me.

and again it is spiral bound or it comes in a binder.
I don't know which is worse. 

Then I bought a Sarah Pinto Planner.
I bought it because it was so cute,
and the money goes to a good cause.
I'm a sucker for causes.
But it was everything I hate in a planner wrapped up into one.
Too small. Spiral bound. Unlined. Crazy weekly view. Not enough notes pages.
This planner lasted three months before I threw it away.

My last planner purchase was a myAgenda.
This planner is 81% perfect.

Its monthly calendar is lined. It is book bound. 
And big enough to write in, but small enough to fit in my purse. 
So what's the problem? The crazy weekly views.
They have 18 categories of events each week, way too granular!
And the planner is a 17-month calendar so it's like 5" thick.
There are notes pages but they're so far in the back that they go unused.

So folks, I'm looking for the perfect planner. Again.
It needs to be book bound.
Monthly only.
Have notes pages.
Lots of them.
Be at least 5 x 7, but not much bigger.
I am happy with it just being a 12 month book.
And it wouldn't hurt if it was pretty.


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