Friday, June 25, 2010

19 weeks

That's how many weeks we have left to get our house ready for the babies. Our doctors told us to be ready to go by 29 weeks, just in case. At first I was like, 29 weeks, that's forever away. Until I started counting weekends we were actually in town this summer. Then I listed all the stuff we have to get done. And then I kind of freaked out a little.

Here's the T-19 Countdown List:

  • organize the basement and get ready for a yard sale (too much junk!)
  • move Joe's man cave down to the basement
  • spackle, sand, prime and paint the former man cave which will now be the guest bedroom
  • move all of the furniture from the current guest bedroom into the new guest bedroom
  • get an estimate from California Closets and a DIY estimate for our master bedroom closet (Joe's clothes are currently in the nursery closet, and now we need to fit his stuff in my closet too. No easy feat!) and have the closet system installed.
  • pick out carpeting for the nursery and hire a carpenter to replace the carpet
  • pick out furniture, paint and bedding for the nursery and DECORATE! (this is the fun part, but it's the absolute last step.)
I am probably most excited to get started on the nursery. If I could find out the babies' gender tomorrow I would. Once we find out I'm going to be a tornado of fabrics and paint swatches. Too much fun. Here are some cute nurseries I've had my eye on for a while.

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