Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars...

I'd buy this freakin' rug.

I've been OBSESSED with Thomas O'Brien's Corsaro Rug since spying it in this amazing dining room (styled by none other than Anne Carroll Turner) *girl crush* which was featured in Cottage Living a few years ago.

It popped up again in this amazing living room featured in Country Living and, of course, reignited my passion for it's beauty. I am in awe of this carpet. Seriously.

Speaking of this living room. I DIE.
Absolute perfection.

Okay, back to the rug. I love it so much that I would seriously consider trading my first born child for this carpet. And if you knew how hard it was for me to get knocked up, you'd know how serious I am (wink, wink).

I went so far as to price it out many moons ago…
the sticker shock still hasn't worn off. Le Sigh.

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