Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sometimes I Read Their Blog

and wonder if they ever had an original idea.

{ Left: YHL porch revealed April 2009; Right: Haskell Harris' porch revealed November 2008 }

Or do they just continuously pirate others and pass the ideas off as their own?
I'm all for being inspired by something amazing and beautiful.

But when you are telling hundreds of people how wonderful and creative you are, when really you saw this look in a magazine.

Well, that's just lying.

{ Left: YHL nursery revealed January 2010; Right: seen on Gorgeous Shiny Things May 2009 and House of Turquoise June 2009 - original source: Canadian House and Home }

Why pretend this unique idea and combination suddenly came to you
in some sort of decorating epiphany? To sell more design boards?


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