Monday, November 9, 2009

Trigger Time

A little explanation for the non-IF readers.

  • e2 = Estradiol levels; Elevated estradiol constitutes a risk for Ovarian HyperStimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • LH = Luteinizing Hormone; surges in LH cause ovulation.
  • trigger = hCG shot that forces the release of eggs from follicles within 48 hours of injection.
I just got the call regarding my clinic levels. My e2 is increasing a little too rapidly and my natural LH is also rising. I'm triggering tonight and adding a Ganirelix shot to the nightly needles.

The Ganirelix will suppresse a premature LH surge and will help prevent my eggs from being released too soon. The Follistim has done an awesome job helping me grow multiple follies, but it's a double edge sword. The number of follies I have has caused an early LH rise. I'm just hoping I have enough mature follicles to produce some viable eggs. Fingers crossed.

Our IUI is Wednesday morning. I'm ridiculously nervous. It doesn't help that I already felt sick before the call.

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