Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I was stuck on a conference call for 8 hours.

about five hours in, I got really bored
and kind of stopped listening.
Can you blame me?

I checked my email 36 times.
But I was on the phone with everyone that emails me.

so I turned to my trusty Google Reader.
Bad employee, I know.
Don't tell anyone.

Anyway, I probably have 75 blogs on my blog roll.
I like pretty pictures. What can I say?

But today a lot of posts made me want to come of lurkdom
and actually COMMENT.
And, of course, because I was sitting in a conference room,
I couldn't click through to anyone's blog and write anything.

But the whole process got me thinking....
if you read blogs
what provokes you to actually want to leave a comment?

Commenting is not something I normally do.
And I wonder if that means I'm in the norm.
Or if it means I'm not a social blogging butterfly.

Am I ostracizing myself?
Or do I just not have anything worthy to say?

Okay enough deep thoughts for one night.
My bed is calling me.

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