Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving On

July 29th will marks our 1 year TTC anniversary.

This morning I called the RE, our first appointment is with a PA on July 23. We have the option of continuing forward for one more cycle with my gyn's office if we choose. If that’s what we decide to do the RE’s office will monitor our records simultaneously, but they will not offer us care until we fully move to their office in August.

Personally, I think that the timing of our first appointment with the RE is too close to our vacation and that we may have to take next cycle off. I guess it depends on whether or not this Clomid cycle will extend my LP or not. And all I can do is wait and see.

Joe and I are still trying to decide if it makes sense to stick with the gyn for one more cycle. In my heart I'm ready to move on to a place where we can actually get help.

Our second appointment is with the RE and that is October 7. The fact that we aren’t meeting with the RE face-to-face until October does not preclude treatment whatsoever; it’s just our first sit down meeting with him.

Because our medical records are all "clear" we will not have to repeat our SA or HSG, however I will probably have to do blood work between 3-4 times each cycle so they can monitor my hormone levels. From the sound of it they are going to do our first cycle with them as a Clomid/hCG/IUI cycle. Because we’ve only had 1 other Clomid cycle we can do this up to 5 times; although after 4 IUI cycles they will/do discuss other options with you. Our protocol/plan of action is what will be decided when we go in on July 23.

In the meantime we need to fill out our paperwork and request our medical records be transferred to the RE's office. Up until now I've asked Joe to go to all of my appointments with me, but I don't think I'll make him come to appointments that are only for bloodwork or ultrasounds as we move forward; they’re pretty easy peasy and quick and are probably a waste of his time. Especially if he's are going to have to be dropping his swimmies during those months anyway.

The only appointments I did ask him to come to are our beta appointments (this is where they do bloodwork at the end of your cycle to tell you whether or not you’re pregnant; I wouldn’t want to hear that news for the first time without him…)

So back to waiting. Which is an activity I'm getting used to. I feel a lot calmer now that I know that it's not a question of can we get pregnant, but instead a question of how long will it take for us to get pregnant and what will we have to do to get there.

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