Thursday, June 4, 2009


We picked a fabric for our living room windows. Actually, I probably decided on this about 3 months ago, but I haven't been able to decide how to handle the windows so I've literally been sitting on the order waiting for...I don't know?
Divine intervention?

Two very unappealing pictures of our windows

We have two single windows that flank a fireplace and a double window on the adjacent wall. Here's the ridiculously beautiful Schumacher print I've picked out:

My initial idea was to order enough fabric to have 6 panels made. I would tailor them with a brisby pleat and throw an ivory shade underneath all of them.
And done.

But then I got to thinking. What if that looked like too much fabric in a 13' x 19' room? So I thought I could have the fabric made into two roman shades for the windows flanking the fireplace and just put the panels on the double windows so we can let light in when we want or shut the room off for more privacy - similar to this:

Or hung standard shades - maybe grass or bamboo - on all of the windows and only hang panels with the shades on the double window like this:

Then I thought maybe I'll put the panels on the two windows flanking the fireplace (especially because that's the room and view you see when you first walk in the house) and then I'll have a custom shade made for the double window. This might be a great option if we flip our couch to be anchored floating in front of the wall opposite the double windows.

But then I come back to the fact that I really love windows with nothing more than panels hung high and wide and lots of light, like these:

Natural shades look great in the room, but the bamboo can look too heavy because of the dark wood tones and the wall color already in the room.

But going with something lighter and more translucent like this might work.

I'm really lost with this one, can you tell?

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