Thursday, June 4, 2009


My HSG is in 9 hours. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified. I'm as scared that they won't find anything wrong with me as I am that they will find something. We just spent the last hour and twenty minutes at CVS fighting with the pharmacist who insisted, despite the fact that I was holding my insurance card, that we had no insurance. Apparently they put me in as the wrong person and instead of just listening to me or asking for my address or looking at my insurance card, the man fought with us. This is the third incorrect insurance thing that's happened and we've only been dealing with IF stuff for the last two months. Today we recieved a bill for $750 for Joe's SA. When we called about it they realized it was a data entry error. Turns out we don't owe anything (surprise, surprise). Tomorrow I have to fight a copay for my bloodwork from last month. If I've learned anything it's that no bill is final (or accurate) and insurance companies are not to be trusted. So I'm off to bed, so I can run tomorrow morning before my test. Joe's going with me and then he's leaving me to go camping for the weekend. I'm happy he's getting away. And I have 5749856 things to paint this weekend, so maybe my lack of idle hands will make up for my over-active mind.

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