Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm sitting in my kitchen watching my granite countertops be installed! They'll be done today by 1 p.m. I still need to schedule the tile backsplash installation (which is evident now that you can clearly see the old paint from where the formica had been torn away). I thought I'd be able to get away with no backsplash for a few months, but oh well. YAYAYAYAY! for new countertops. Pics to come later. EDIT: Countertops are in. But I'm not posting full pics until my kitchen is clean (so I can maintain some thread of dignity). I didn't realize that we would need to get the tile backsplash in right away - mostly for aesthetic reasons (i.e. the formica ripped pieces of sheetrock from the wall as it was being removed), so that just got bumped up the list of priorities. AND my Dash and Albert rug for the kitchen and laundry-room-in-progress came in yesterday! So...hopefully I will have a slew of amazing pictures to post soon. Perhaps by the end of the summer, ha ha. Welcome to the blog of half-finished projects. Sneak peak:

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