Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For over a month we've had an appointment to have Joe's SA results reviewed on May 7 at 10:15 a.m. He was there when we made the appointment. He is the one who made the appointment. Now his morning is too busy to keep the appointment which is supposed to be tomorrow, but of course, he doesn't realize this until today.

Fine. I tell him call the doctor's office and see if we need to keep the appointment because we already know his tests came back normal and my gyn has the results, etc. So the urologist tells him we do need to keep the appointment because even though the SA itself was normal there could be other factors that have kept us from getting pregnant (for nearly a year now) and he wants to review other testing options and scenarios with us.

Rather than keeping the appointment and fixing his schedule, Joe cancels the appointment and reschedules it for the end of the month. WTF? So we should go through two more cycles with something possibly wrong because you're too busy at work to take care of this? PUT IT ON THE SCHEDULE and let your coworkers figure it out. Anyway I flipped my shit, and now he's scrambling to get a later appointment for tomorrow. Maybe I can just go to our (his) regular appointment tomorrow by myself?

Darn it. This is more important than some stupid patient at some stupid hospital having some stupid procedure. Well, it is to me anyway. God. Just one part of this needs to be simple if I'm going to maintain my short thread of sanity.

EDIT: the husband came through in the end. Our new appointment is Friday. Now I don't have to kill him. :)

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