Friday, March 27, 2009

We Actually Made a Decision

And stuck with it! I'm so proud of us. We ordered our faucet and our dining room table! Since the faucet was ordered we were finally able to order our granite and have it templated! I'm so excited. The faucet is from the Kohler Revival line and we ordered it in brazen bronze (who comes up with these names?)

and the dining room table is from the Better Homes and Gardens American Inspirations line. We decided on this after finding out that this table was on backorder till June. Um, no thanks. This one was nearly $1000 cheaper and exactly the same size, so it all worked out in the end.
And we got a phone call yesterday saying our taxes were done which means I can finally call around and get estimates for our landscaping and stone work. And it's Friday! And Cuse is playing in the Sweet Sixteen tonight! Go Orange(men) I really think they should have ignored all of that PC shit and just stuck to tradition. Otto is an Orange Man, not just an Orange. Duh.

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