Monday, March 9, 2009

Seriously Clark?

Before I bother to talk about anything interesting, I'd like to yell at my body for a few seconds and then I think I can move on (maybe). AF is due today, my temps are high and my tests are negative. What the hell? My last +HPT was on Saturday which was so pale I can't even say it counts. I'm at a loss. Please something, anything happen soon. The limbo is killing me. Okay, moving on. After a weekend filled with 50 degree weather it's snowing outside. And I don't mean a dusting, I mean several inches of snow are accumulating as I type this. I took today off to pay bills, get life generally organized and murphy's the hardwoods. Our house is in dire need of a solid cleaning. So far all I've managed to do is call around to get granite quotes, drink a cup of coffee and write this blog. Clearly, I'm very goal-oriented today. I think I picked a rug for our *almost complete* dining room yesterday, but now I'm wondering if I should wait on it until we get our living room furniture in and then buy rugs for both rooms at the same time? this is my current choice for the dining room, which ironically looks like it has green in it, but it doesn't (I promise):

and this is my current choice for the living room, which I really love. It's green, it's neutral, it's traditional with a bit of punch. What can I say? I love it:
But, given the living room choice I can totally see going with something like this or this for the dining room instead (they are much less expensive and possibly better choices for a place where food will be served), but I'm completely drawn to the striped rug I saw this weekend:
Seeing all three of them "in" the room makes me think any of them would work...
Decisions, decisions. I think we need to have a garage sale to get rid of some of our old furniture in an expeditious manner this way I can clear out some space. Maybe I'll try Craig's List for now because the weather won't cooperate with an outdoor sale for a few months.

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