Thursday, March 19, 2009

List of Little Projects

To keep from being overburdened by my ridiculous obsession with fixing up the house Joe and I made a deal that one day per weekend would be a work day where we get something done for the house and one day is a play day where we get to just kick back and relax. However, we spent the last 3 weekends away from home and our weekends in the month of April are pretty much booked solid, so I negotiated two full weekends of work out of the deal. Fair enough (well, for me anyway). That said, I'm doing so many different things to the house at the same time that I can't figure out what to assign as our project this weekend. I really need to just pick one area and stick with it until it's done, but that would be too easy. And, of course, part of the problem is that I'm impatient so while I am waiting to save up enough money for this or waiting for that order to be delivered I lose all restraint and start working on something else. My evening sewing classes at JoAnne's have helped calm my spirit and have kept my hands busy, but my crazy Type-A mind never stops spinning toward what's next. Here's the (not so) short list I have of things to do. Maybe I should give Joe the list and let him pick? Each one of these rooms could easily be completed in a weekend, but what inevitably ends up happening is I start something else while I'm literally waiting for the paint to dry. How he stands me, I have no idea. Poor husband. Dining Room: 1. Finalize table and purchase 2. Paint trim 3. Decide on plantation shutters (purchase and install) Main Hallway: 1. Paint front door and hang knocker 2. Wallpaper downstairs closet 3. Repair crack in ceiling and on stair edge 4. Paint ceiling in hallway and above staircase 5. Paint walls in hallway and in staircase 6. Paint trim 7. Hang new art in upstairs hall 8. Wallpaper upstairs closet Half Bathroom: 1. Hang art 2. Accessorize white bureau 3. Install glass shelf 4. Shutters 5. Fix bureau handles Laundry Room: 1. Hang new shelves 2. Switch out light fixture 3. Paint laundry room 4. Buy new runner 5. Find art for laundry room Master Bathroom: 1. Buy train rack for bathroom and install 2. Switch art to window wall 3. Paint closet 4. Buy shelving and install 5. Purchase new canvas/wicker baskets for storage 6. Purchase new laundry hamper 7. Install second towel hook on closet wall 8. Get new vase for plant Kitchen: 1. Faucet 2. Accessories 3. Entry wall 4. Caulk doorway and repaint 5. Switch out fixture over table 6. Fix pendant over the sink Get appointments set up to have the following items taken care of: 1. Install hardwoods on staircase landing (April) 2. Crown moulding in living room (April) 3. Frame out front and back door in weather resistant material (April) 4. Front landscaping (May) 5. Stone staircase (June) 6. Paint staircase (July)

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