Friday, February 20, 2009

Making Progress

J's company finally redeposited the stock options plan money that was drafted out of his last commission check. Lucky for him, as I damn near lost my mind when I saw how much was taken. The 401K loan is paid off and between that extra cash flow and the termination of the SOP I was able to move a ton of extra cash into savings and I think with the amount we have put away it's finally safe to pay off my car. At this rate we'll have my student loan paid off by year end. Then we can start saving (and looking for) our forever house.

Although I was thinking about our house versus our forever house the other day and really our current place is pretty great and we'd be really smart to sit tight for 7-10 more years. I think at that point we'll really be able to save up enough money to purchase our next house outright and then just enjoy life. Besides, I grew up in a 3 BR house and thought that we had PLENTY of space. Right now we barely use most of our home, I think it will be nice to grow into it a bit more before jumping ship. We'll see.

We meet with Len, the financial planner, again next week to go over plans for the MMA and our 2009 IRA's. I'm terrified at this point given the Economic Spending Stimulus Plan and what will more than likely be its adverse effects on the dollar's value. I hope in 30 years when we look at our initial investment we won't be sorry.

I'm glad we're getting all of these financial details hashed out too because our first IF appointment is next week. It comes right at the beginning of our 2WW for cycle 9/month 8. I'm sure that the most they'll do for us this early in the game is an SA. I'm hoping they'll do a pelvic exam and a blood test on me also, but I'm sure they'll make us wait until at least July for that. We're taking next cycle off anyway just because I need a break so hopefully between the time off and the doctor's visit we'll have time to decompress and get some answers.

For so long I didn't really tell anyone that we were trying to conceive, and now that we're not being successful and I'm sharing more, people have come out of the woodwork with their IF stories. It's like becoming part of a secret society that you had no idea existed. And I must say, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone.

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