Wednesday, August 3, 2005


It's funny that I am posting three times in one day considering I barely post anymore, but I have a rare day off right now and I am feeling this PMS thing, so stick with me k? This post goes out to my Cuse kids. Why is it that people that never bothered to be nice to you a day in your life, and I do mean a day in your life, all the sudden feel some sort of attachment to you because now in their mid-20's they realize three things: 1.) you really were always a nice person 2.) that they were insecure and that was the only reason they weren't your friend 5 years ago and 3.) that they have no friends to speak of now and life is lonely... Here's my ode to my wonderful sorority sisters...if you know them enjoy the laugh...if you don't know them I am sure you can empathize with friends of your own...bitches. AND I QUOTE: "Heard you were getting married. How are the wedding plans coming along? Send me an email...Lainie" "Hey ladies, how is everyone. I saw Lainie a couple of months ago and she filled my in on what some of you have been up too. It was good to hear about you all. I am in Colorado, having a great time. No job using my degree, but having a great time working outside everyday, landscaping 4 days a week and river guiding on the weekends. I stay pretty busy. Miss you all, would definitely love to hear from you. Ciao, ER" Now granted it is Lainie's doing that put Joe and I together even though she told him when he saw me -- trust me that's not the girl for you, and described me as being 3 things: hard to tame, easy and a total bitch (nice, eh? ha ha jerk I am marrying him now, and by the way I was never easy...) But why try to recapture friendships that were nonexistent in the first place. You have no friends that like you, the people you thought were your friends just hung out with you because you were uglier than them and it made them feel good about themselves, deal with it move on. I have. By the way, stilletosinsand you are still my best friend from college and I am glad that I single-handedly rushed you and brought you into that horrible houses. Hugs.

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