Friday, August 5, 2005


So since I am on this tirade of friends who aren't exactly friends lately, here I go again. Forgive me for being so angry. But I just sat in my house since 12:30 this afternoon (it is now 5:43 p.m.) for nothing. And here's why. My girlfriend Kristin just got engaged about 4 weeks ago. I set her up with her, now, fiance 8 months ago and might I add that she has a 3 carat rock on her hand as a result of said set-up, which Joe and I orchestrated. So being two excited brides to be, well that's exaggerating...she's more of the bridezilla type (flipped out 3 days after being engaged because she didn't know what to get her bridal party as gifts when she a.) didn't have a bridal party yet and b.) hadn't even set a date for the wedding...) and I am more of the oh, am I getting married? type. Anyway we seem to talk about weddings a lot lately and when I first got engaged she went with me to try on dresses because I don't have any family close by. So today she was supposed to go wedding dress shopping at around 1 with her mom and future sister-in-law and she asked me if I would go too. Gladly I accepted and told her to call me when she knew when they were going and where they would be. She called me last night to tell me she had no idea when and where and that she'd call me again today but that we'd probably go around 1. So this morning I ran around to get all my errands done and rushed through a visit with my future in-laws to get back to the house and get ready for said bridal excursion. Called Kristin at 12:45 when I haven't heard from her. Again at 1:30 when I still hadn't heard from her. Made Joe lunch and helped him pack for his trip to NJ this weekend and called her again at 3 p.m. when I was done. Finally heard from her at 3:38 but of course I was peeing and didn't make it to the phone on time. She didn't leave a message and didn't answer her phone when I called her right back. At 4:24 she called to tell me they were on their way to a bridal shop and to meet her there. At 4:45 I called her to let her know I was on my way and to see which bridal shop they decided to go to first when her mother picked up the phone, informed me that the shop they were at was closing at 5, Kristin had already tried on several dresses and that she would call me back, and then proceeded to hang up on me. (This is the same mother that said to Kristin's now fiancee when she saw my ring, "Matt, Kristin's ring needs to be at least this big, it should be the biggest out of all of her friends..." rude biaaatch) Now if she left her house at 4:24 when she called me she COULD NOT make it to that specific store in 20 minutes let alone get there and try on several dresses. So basically she called me from the parking lot to tell me they were on there way there. At 5:10 I had had it with sitting around waiting to see what was next so I called her back again (now feeling like a stalker) told her that there was a gorgeous bridal store downtown open till 6:30 at which point she informed me that they were on their way to David's Bridal already. I said would you like me to meet you there? She said to me "Nah, don't worry about it I know you have to work tonight, maybe you can meet us out tomorrow, we are going to go dress shopping again then..." So basically you asked me to come along on your bridal excursion, made me sit around for over 4 hours waiting to go with you (which I was more than happy to do) and then were like, nah forget about it. My feelings are so hurt right now. I constantly go out of my way to be nice to people and be a good friend and in the end, well you always get fucked. So here's to "friends". (cheers!) I am going to drown myself in my bathtub, hopefully I will at least asphyxiate long enough to prevent myself from having to go to work's to hoping...

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