Wednesday, February 13, 2008

work, work, work

I wish I had something prolific to say, but I don't. However, I feel compelled to update this thing, so... Work has been going very well. Yesterday I was given the url to one of our competitor's webpages and I realized just how much work I actually have to get done. I was really overwhelmed. The system administrator, who was at my desk at the time, just looked at me and said "your problem is you care too much". The kid has me pegged after just one week. Great. Speaking of that kid, I want him to marry my sister. Actually I am a bit obnoxious about this request. He's simply adorable IMO and smart and patient. And STABLE. And my sister is a barely contained meniscus. She needs help. She's actually driving me slowly insane through a combination of extreme lethargy mixed with a hint of martyrdom. Nothing pisses me off more than people who complain about how much their lives suck, but then do nothing to fix the problem. i.e. people who complain that they are broke, but then feel compelled to go out and spend too much money on a novelty item (i.e. a coach bag) just because they had to have it. Um, well that's why your broke. Or in my sister's case she just complains that the boy in her life treats her like crap, but she never leaves him. Or that she's broke, but spends $200 to get her hair done every month. Or that she's failing a class, but then she forgets to go to her midterm. It's like a constant battle between barely happy and completely depressed and you just want to shake her and go "no wonder you are miserable". To add insult to injury, I put together an internship here in Albany for her this summer working in the industry that she supposedly wants to work in post graduation (sometime next year, as this is her senior year but she isn't graduating on time) and offered her a free place to live and even a car. AND so she can make money for school, I got her a job at one of the top bars in the area during track season in Saratoga (she could make a killing there). To put this little package together and seal the deal all she had to do was send me her resume. And to make life easy on her I sent her my old resume from when I was in college so that all she had to do was plug in her information and send it back. That was in December. Do I have her resume? No. I asked her about it yesterday and her response was "I am not thinking about the summer just yet, I am really just trying to get my life right now straight." Okay emo kid. You just go on doing that, cause that's working really well. Yes, I am both an enabler and I am very judgmental. Sorry. But I think it's better than being a waffler with no direction (yes, that's me judging again, oops). So I've kind of washed my hands of the situation. In other family, unrelated, news. I spoke to my mom yesterday who sprung it on me that she'd like to rent a beach house this summer with my sister and brother, my brother's girlfriend and us. First of all, Joe and I were already planning on renting a beach house, which made my mom happy because then her idea was "perfect". No-no, not perfect because what will inevitably happen, as it always does, is that my sister will bail and my brother will 'file his leave incorrectly' from the military and it will end up being me, Joe and my mom at the Jersey shore for a week. Nightmare. And by nightmare I am referring to both the Jersey shore and a week alone with my mother. I don't have the heart to tell her no, so I think I am going to blame it on Joe. Does that make me a bad wife? Probably. Anyways, I have to get in the shower and get ready for work. I've been sleeping in this week and by sleeping in I mean till 6:45. But somehow still not rolling into work until 10. How I manage to do that Ihavenoidea. I really need to get my shit together. Happy Hump Day!

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