Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So I had my first emotional breakdown since losing my job last night. I cried in bed for over an hour. My poor husband must think I am bipolar some days. I think it was a combination of this interivew that I have to go on today (which I don't want to go on) for the teaching job and being nervous about walking back into a school, combined with two successful interviews yesterday. The one job that is a perfect fit for me is asking questions, and rightfully so, about why I left a teaching job in December and I think no matter how well I spin it (using my magical PR powers) it may keep me from landing the job. The pharma job is a sick opportunity, but I don't know if I have the ability to wait out a five step interview process. This would be easier done if I was still working and could just interview when they called me. But I can't afford to pass up other good jobs for a chance at pharma. The next interview is a hiring blitz. You go to a hotel conference room and you get interviewed by between 3 and 7 people at the same time. It's really unnerving. I went through it two years ago when I was interviewing with Merck. I made it past that and into the final rounds of interviews. Bombed the last interview with the district manager. I said just about everything one could say wrong in an interview. But in my defense it was my 8th interview that day and I think I was fried. Anyway I am pulling my teaching portfolio together today, well it is already together but it's too thick so I am taking some old crap out of it. I am not going to update it though, because I can't stomach going through my old teaching files. I want to burn them. So many hours of my life and it just seems wasted. Anyway, my interview is at 11:15. Don't wish me luck.

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