Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Life in Review

TWO YEARS AGO, I... 1. finished my masters in education 2. was living in Syracuse 3. had just closed on our first house ONE YEAR AGO, I... 1. was teaching 9th and 10th grade in Guilderland 2. was settling into our second house in Clifton Park 3. was planning our wedding. YESTERDAY, I... 1. hung out with the husband, opened Christmas presents and ate Chinese food (Christmas Story anyone?) 2. went to church 3. watched a bunch of reality TV shows about winning the lottery and felt really UNlucky. TODAY, I... 1. am relaxing around the house. 2. am still in my jammies at 11 a.m. 3. will go to the gym in a few hours to work off the holiday lbs. TOMORROW, I... 1. have a hair cut appointment 2. have an appointment to get my eyebrows cleaned up which may have to cancel on account of my black and swollen eye 3. will go to spin class in the morning with my hubby! FOUR SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO (THAT I'M NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT) ARE... 1. Baby's Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot 2. Weak - SWV 3. Love will Find a Way - Tesla 4. Here I go Again on my Own - Whitesnake TOP THREE LOCATIONS I'D LIKE TO RUN AWAY TO ARE... 1. Belize (again!) 2. Turks and Caicos 3. anywhere in the Mediterranean

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