Tuesday, August 24, 2004

just another day

I can't seem to bring myself to go to the gym yet this week. I was supposed to teach spinning this afternoon, but I only had one person show up which I attribute to the fact that today was the first, last and only day of summer in Syracuse on top of the fact that the gym is undergoing renovations to both the men and women's locker rooms. In place of the old locker rooms they have installed OUTDOOR trailers which members can utilize. So far three thefts have occurred and the lockers stink to high heaven. Like a giant port-o-potty. So if I had one hour for a lunch break I wouldn't even consider driving to DeWitt to work out on a day like today let alone risk my health by showering in these trailers. So I canceled my class which pissed off the one student that shows up regularly, which is fine, because she doesn't really work out anyway, just pretends. I say increase resistance and she pretends to turn the nob. I say pedal faster and she just trucks right along at snail's pace, which makes the whole process really uncomfortable for me. So I canceled, but then because she showed up I couldn't very well work out (cause then why wouldn't I teach???) so I had to leave. And now I just don't feel like going back. I will, eventually, just not right now.

I just got done with traffic court. There was this guy in chains, you know one of those prisoners they take to court. He looked like Charles Manson, tattoo and all. I couldn't tell what he was in for but the judge asked him a question and the guy responded with I am just passing through town. Not for nothing but Liverpool isn't the kind of place that's on the way to anywhere. Where you passing through from and where would you be going from here? Canada? Thank God he was just passing through though. He was one scary looking dude. Seriously like a cross between Manson and the Kool Aid guy...scary.

I was in court because I got caught talking on my cell phone, in Liverpool if that wasn't obvious by my last paragraph, without a hands free device. Proving that there really isn't anything to do in this place. Maybe Liverpool tax payers can shimmy some of the money they are feeding the Liverpool Police Department to hand out cell phone tickets down to the Syracuse City School District where 250 people are being laid off...teachers included. This place is insane you drive down to J-D and there are fountains FOUNTAINS in the school yard and tennis courts (this is SYRACUSE people) and all this rigmarole, and yet 1 1/2 miles away classrooms don't even have enough books for each of the students in the class. There is something way wrong with our society. Way, way wrong.

Speaking of things wrong with society...the local section of our Sunday paper highlighted a local woman named Jessica Cutler who lives and worked on Capitol Hill where she highlighted her sexcapades with several men in her online journal.

Yup, if you haven't seen her already that's her. She's from Nottingham aka Syracuse. How proud the City must be. So she's basically a super slut that jokingly wrote about her fluid exchanges online to give her friends a laugh and now she has a multimillion dollar book deal. Think 'The Devil Does Prada in Washington'. What I want to know is what does this say to young girls today. Hey, sleep around, it'll get you places. I mean come on! Why should she be paid six figures for not being able to keep her legs together. I am no Mother Theresa but I have never slept with more than one man at the same time let alone SIX. It's just gross. Even she says so in her blog and I quote "I am sleeping with six men. Ewwww." And some of them were paying her for her efforts, even though the money wasn't solicited. But that's not even what bothers me, cause quite frankly every man pays for sex whether he hands you $200 and moves on or he takes you out to dinner first, he's paying for it.

The part that bothered me the most was this section of the Post Standard article: "In 1971, 30 percent of American girls ages 15 to 19 had had sexual intercourse...by 1988, that number had climbed to 51 percent...Twenty-eight percent of girls ages 15 to 17 said that sexual intercourse was almost always, or most of the time part of a CASUAL relationship" according to a survey by Seventeen Magazine done in 2002. Now I know that that is just 28% but the part that bothers me is that these aren't serious boyfriends we are talking about, these are just people they are dating or not dating or just sleeping with. That is WAAAY too young to be having sex. No wonder girls have so many issues with their bodies and confidence and self-esteem. What has our Sex and the City obsessed, fucking (literally) in your face society created with this next generation of kids? Sex, while it may not be as sacred as it once was, surely isn't casual. And can we really fool ourselves into thinking that these teenagers know to protect themselves? That these teenage girls know enough to stand up for themselves and use a condom? How many more people need to die of AIDS before we get it? It's not a game!

Grrrr. I am so frustrated by the fact that this woman was GLORIFIED for being morally vacant. We celebrate and embrace people who stand for nothing in this country and it's the saddest thing. Way to go. Now all of the other women trying to legitimately make it on the Hill or in any other business format need to try even harder to keep their self-respect about them because this moron proves that women are willing to sleep their way to the top (and take money for it). Those of us who are honest and moral and have some self respect need to work that much harder to make up for the damage done by self-deprecating, immoral women who come before us and exploit their sexuality. And it is even harder to hold your head up high and walk the path less taken because these other women are rewarded with million dollar book deals while the rest of us work for 25K a year.

There is really something wrong with this country.

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