Friday, August 27, 2004


Worst day ever. Orientation sucked, the people in my program sucked, everything sucked, well but me of course. And I just spent ten minutes rambling about it to Joe and then said "Ah forget it you are not even listening to me" and his reply was "huh?" yup that's what I thought.

BTW I have heard through the former Pi Phi grapevine of dishonor that Kara Tomak, uh, I mean Liz Moller (jk kara...) is back on campus for school. Please pass her email on to me if anyone out there has it. Also if there are any other alumns back on campus please let me know b/c I am very obviously not going to be buddy buddy with these morons in my program.

I have a ton to say but am so burnt out from the day that I don't feel like entertaining you all with my witty banter. So I am going to go find a hole to crawl into until it is time to go bartend. If I am lucky I will die where I sit and this will all be over. Yes, my program (not the courses but the people organizing it and the people in it) sucks that much. Only 2 more years to go whoopppeee.

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