Sunday, July 25, 2004


Thank God it's Sunday. What a weekend. Went canoeing at Beaver Lake Nature Center yesterday. More and more I am starting to realize that I am not all that outdoorsy. Nature is nice, Visa is better. I could spend years walking through a department store. Put me out on a lake in a piece of aluminum and I am bored after 3 minutes. Not to mention you can't face the other person in the canoe with you and you are paddling creating wind so you can't even hear them talk. What the hell kind of fun is that? Maybe when we are married for 50 years and I am tired of hearing every frikkin thing he has to say I will take him canoeing again but for now, no. And the water was yukky and brown and stuff so we couldn't see any fish. In fact, we saw a seagull divebomb the lake for a fish and fly away with it in his bill and then 15 feet later drop the fish. Seagulls aren't picky eaters (have you been to the Jersey Shore?!?) so there must be something wrong with the water...eww, glad we didn't fall in. I said I would give this whole canoe thing one more go, ut somewhere much nicer. Yup I just became the world's first high maintenance canoer.

On another note, I had a customer tell me last night that he'd like for me to have his children, then he said he'd like to bathe me in his sperm; way to transition that one, guy. I am just wondering at what point do bartenders stop becoming people? Grrr. I would like to say that this moron was the exception and not the rule, but quite frankly I would be lying. I got to work a Jagermeister promotion last night and I realized that I am quite good at person to person sales. Or at making men throw money at me. Whatever you want to call it. I work (it) :)

On a completely different tangent, I am having reoccurring engagement dreams. You know where I have a ring on my finger by the end of the dream and the whole dream leading up to the ring on my finger is the million and one wonderful ways the ring got there. There is also the version where I have the ring on my hand and it is the problem in my dream. Those are quite odd. For instance, I had the ring but didn't want to wear it to work because I didn't want it to get ruined. Yes, this was my debacle. And really I need to get a life. Who the hell has such a trivial subconscious? Oh well at least I am not in a pickle suit or something when I get the ring. Or naked in front of a large group of people. I am generally dressed well and always seem to have manicured hands so at least I got that down. Poor Joe doesn't stand a chance at this point.

Furthermore, I think the engagement will be even further put off at this point as we found out last week that his company - you know the one that moved us to Syracuse 8 months ago on two weeks notice - yea well they are doing company wide layoffs and Joe's region is 4 people over head count. They are firing and/or transferring four of the 12 people that work in the Albany region. What does this mean for us? Well simply that there is a good chance that since Joe was the last one hired he may be one of the people laid off or better yet he will be transferred somewhere else that isn't over on headcount. Great part of all this is we won't know until next week and we are moving this week into a new apartment. If I move only to find out he's getting transferred I am libel to go postal. And I think, quite selfishly, that there is no way for us to make long-term future plans when we don't even know if he'll have a job next week (literally). Regardless I am in Syracuse until graduation and I would be really devastated if he got transferred after I made all of these sacrifices to move back to SYRACUSE and then made a life for myself here.

Scarily enough, we went to Skaneateles yesterday to just walk around, got an ice cream. You know dumb couple stuff and I told Joe that I could see myself living in Skaneateles. Yup, I moved here and now I am never going to leave. Figures. I don't know I like that town though. I love villages. My favorite so far have been Ridgewood NJ, Old Naples FL, Saratoga Springs NY, and Skaneateles. Granted I haven't been to too many places. Villages on or near water are a definite plus. I am hoping to find a village like these in North Carolina or somewhere with limited snowfall. No matter how much I ski, 9 months of winter is never appealing.

We just went to lunch across the street and I ordered fish and chips and I hated it. It was so grody. But when the waitress came by and asked how everything was I lied and said "Great!" why did I do that? Anyway, $20 later I am still hungry as I didn't do anything but move the food around on my plate. So I am going to go eat somewhere else again. Way to go $40 lunches. Grrr...

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