Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Superhero Birthday Party: The Cake

So Reese and Ryan's birthday cake is kind of a funny story. Those close to the event have dubbed their birthday cake scandal as "cakegate". In an effort to save myself time and sanity, I hired out the cake to a "cake artist". I figured it would be hard to top last year's cake, so while the cost was exorbitant I felt like the relief from baking was necessary.

I sent the cake artist several inspiration pictures for the cake, set up delivery -- which was for a Sunday -- and went about planning the rest of the party. On Saturday, while I was at a birthday party with Reese, I got a confused text message from Joe saying that the cake lady was at the house dropping off the cake.

I figured, okay, she came on the wrong day, no big deal. At least it was a day early and not a day late. She put the cake in our refrigerator and left. I should have known this was the start of something horrible. I came home and excitedly tore open the fridge door to find a lopsided cake with fingerprints all over it, cake sticking out through icing, smudges and smears in fondant. Frankly, it was horrific. And the only thing that made the cake even more unpalatable (if that was possible) was the fact that I actually paid someone to make it.

 { me looking like something out of American Psycho and Bean providing much needed comic relief }

I called the artist up and told her that the cake was awful and I was devestated. And you know what she did? She drove back to my house in a snowstorm, took the cake and gave me back my check. She even held an umbrella over the turd cake on the way back to her car to protect it from the elements. What a nutbag.

So I did what any irrational, cakeless mother would do the night before her kids' birthday party. I went to the grocery store and Michael's and bought all of the ingredients to make my own cake. I will tell you indignence can do wonders for your inner cake boss.

Three hours later and the cake was done. And I have to say, I may have topped last year's cake with this one. While the experience didn't help my inner control freak, it did convince me to just make the kids' cakes each year moving forward as a special tradition. I actually kind of enjoy it.

{ Ry got the the cake before the candles did... }

Looking for the recipe? Find it here.

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