Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Asking for Help

Hi Mommies, I need your help. Reese is struggling right now. Really struggling. Because Ryan is getting in-home services. Eight hours of each week someone comes into our home with a new bag of toys to play with Ryan and I try to distract her so that he can have therapy. And she's frustrated because she is 2.5 and doesn't understand why she isn't supposed to play too. Some of his therapists are better at including her or allowing her to play with their toys separately from the therapy. But some aren't. And really, they are here for Ryan so I get it.

With Ryan's new diagnosis, his services are increasing to 20-hours per week. Which means that I am kind of...uh, screwed. This is awesome. But will be a challenge for all of us. I need a bag of tricks, toys, methods. Something. Anything. That will help my little girl feel important. That will help her feel special. That will make her happy while he's in therapy.

So I need your best methods and advice. Suggestions for things I can get her or make for her to play with. Anything you can think of. All of it.

I am short on time and money right now, so I can't go buy up Toys R' Us or surf Pinterest and make some crazy supermom activity. But I have a lot of love and a lot of patience.

Thanks in advance.

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