Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Picking

September and October are truly the best months to live in Upstate New York. Sweaters, boots, open windows. Perfect sleeping weather. We are trying not to let the crises of late take over our lives. Hard to stay anxious with these little nuggets running around keeping you busy. 

This apple farm had the right idea. They charge you by the person and not by the bag. My kids ate their weight in apples, so we definitely got our money's worth. Ryan picked two apples and then held them the rest of the afternoon. Since his hands were full, he clearly couldn't help pick more apples. Reese pulled apples off the trees, took one bite and threw them. Quality control. And the kid's got a softball pitcher's arm. Lola pulled apples off of the trees and then cried until Joe or I took a bite of the apple therby "starting" it for her. Then she happily munched away. 

The older kids got to ride a tractor with daddy out to the apple orchard and that was just the cat's pajamas. We stood on line for cider donuts for all of ten minutes before finally giving up and going home. I don't understand the draw to those things, but I think they are a New York rite of passage. I wish fall could last an extra month this year. I hope to carve out time to decorate the house this week, maybe the kids are finally old enough to get it this year.

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