Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tractors, Raspberries and Horses

We took the kids to a county fair on Friday night. We were detoured on our way there three times and then I almost ran out of gas. My tank literally hit zero on the digital gauge. When we finally pulled up to the fairgrounds it was 8:45 p.m. and I was sure we'd be the white trashiest family with too many babies at a fair ever. Turns out, we fit right in.

The twins loved the tractor pull. If you have never been to one, you're surely missing out. The dined on food from garbage trucks and pet cows, sheep, lambs and some other wildlife. They had a total hoot. Ry kept telling us all the different color tractors he saw. I think he liked the fair.

On Saturday we went raspberry picking at a our CSA's farm. The rule is you can pick to your hearts content and if you leave half your haul your berries are free. Our kids lost interest in picking after about thirty minutes, but Joe and I still managed to pick 12 pints of berries. Meanwhile the kids entertained themselves running up and down the field. Lola stayed by our side on berry quality control. That kid loves to eat.

{ what berries? I didn't eat see any berries. }

We grilled pizzas Saturday night, and they were so good that I actually stopped eating to take a picture so I can share the recipe with you all. I mean, so good. The kids don't sit and eat when they're outside, which is unfortunate. Well, Lola does. Anyway, I figure if they're hungry they'll eat.

Sunday we met up with some friends at a polo match. Our first of the season and Reese went wild for the horses. She loved hanging around with older girls and really tried to grow up too fast that evening. The twins loved stomping the divots and running on the field. We stretched them past their bedtime again for the third night in a row.

We are in so much trouble when summer is over and going to bed late and sleeping in is a thing of the past.

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