Monday, February 18, 2013

Feeling Blue

I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm an incredibly indecisive person. If I'm making a decision for your life, I know the right answer immediately. If I'm making a decision for my life, I labor over everything for...sometimes years. It's honestly painful.

Two fabrics, including custom colored pieces I spent a few weeks designing on Spoonflower are either here or on their way here for the nursery. I'm having issues with that dang shade of lavender, but I'm working with it. And, I really like the plan I have in my head.

While feeding the baby on Saturday I was killing time perusing Craigslist and came across a dresser that was too pretty. The lines, the hardware. Love. So I emailed the seller and we went to go see it yesterday. That dresser is now in the nursery. Except it's turquoise. Or teal. Or a moody blue.

My plan when I saw it online was to repaint it mushroom or white. Except I put it in that fricking room and it's so gosh darn pretty that I'm rethinking everything. I hate it when that happens.

The first thing that popped into my head when we put that dresser in there was this nursery I pinned a few weeks ago.

I love the boho chic that is this little room. But it's not me. The second thing I thought of was this fabric. Oh this silly, stupid fabric that I first spotted in Southern Living a few years ago after the collapse of Cottage Living (when all of the CL editors switched publications for a millisecond). 

Gorgeous. So gorgeous. And more expensive than all three of my IVF conceived children combined. Damn you, stupid gorgeous fabric. 

So I'm thinking I may keep the turquoise dresser as it is and change literally everything in the room with the exception of the crib and the chair. Or I may not. I can't decide if turquoise and navy would work for a nursery/little girl's room. I personally love it. But is it feminine and childlike enough? Probably not. Would they grow into it? Maybe. 

I've been pinning turquoise and navy inspirations here and the lavender and greige here, if anyone is interested or cares to weigh in. I'll probably be up googling fabrics till random hours in the morning this week. Maybe Lola's room will be done before she goes to college? Maybe not. 

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Duh, contracted some version of ebola this week and have pink eyes. Four of them. We were at the urgent care until 10 last night. My twinkies have a knack for getting ridiculously ill when the pediatrician's office is going to be closed for several days in a row. So while my kids are home sick and off of school and activities anyway for President's Week, I'll be laying low. 

Seriously, have you ever seen two sickies happier to be at urgent care? You'd have thought I took them to Disney World. Enjoy the holiday week, if you have off for such tomfoolery. 

And before I forget! For those of you that asked, here are the files for the onesies. I took the liberty of flipping the images for you, so all you have to do is open and print. Let me know if the links give you trouble, I am sometimes a little special when it comes to sharing files. 

Happy Crafting!

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