Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reese and Lauren's Shared Room

I had an entirely different plan for Reese and Lauren's shared room, and then Joe's Nana sent us a crocheted blanket in the mail. She has knitted one for each of our kids. Lauren's was lavender. It is my most favorite color and it is so very her. And so my plans changed.

I started with the baby's crib sheet -- a Serena and Lily pattern called heather florentine. Of course, as soon as I decided that this was the starting point for their room I found out that the pattern had been discontinued two years ago. 

After four months of searching, I tracked down two sheets that were part of a larger (also discontinued) crib set at a baby boutique in San Francisco. I convinced (and by convinced, I mean begged and pleaded) them to break apart the sets and sell me the two sheets a la carte. 
The sheets should arrive in the mail later today. :)

Now that the plan is in place I can start putting the pieces together little by little. A few things have already started to get here and I feel so happy seeing their room come together. We have been in the house for a little over a month and it feels like a house and not a home. Having a special place for my babies to sleep is my first part in making this house feel like ours. 

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