Monday, December 3, 2012

Sour Milk

Why are nursing clothes so absolutely fugly? I swear it's a conspiracy by clothing manufacturers to make you look like turds at a time when you already feel like turds. And then charge you $82 per item to boot.

With the twins it wasn't as big of a deal because, let's be honest, I rarely left the house when they were little. I sat in my living room covered in spit up while wearing old yoga pants and ill-fitting nursing tanks and no one was the wiser. This time around I'm not as (un)lucky. The twins have activities and I have to face the general public. This has meant two things: 1. I have to actually find clothes that fit and don't smell like sour milk to wear and 2. I've had to get over my fears of nursing (somewhat) in public.

Finding clothes that fit nicely is a challenge in and of itself right now. Finding clothes that fit, that allow me easy and discreet access to nurse while chasing two toddlers presents a new set of challenges. And, to add insult to injury, my pregnancy made my diastasis-damaged stomach muscles even more lax, so I have to find creative ways to hide my postpartum belly.

While reveling in my abundant free time last week while we shacked up with my inlaws (a perk of being temporarily homeless), I started playing around on Polyvore. I know, so 2010 of me right? Whatevs. I'm currently addicted.

I started plugging in pieces I already own and things that I have had my eye on to create outfits that allow me to chase the twins, nurse the baby, feel like a human being and look like I've got my shit together. And since I'm fairly certain I'm not the only momma out there that wants to dress in cute clothes that are functional and affordable (since let's be honest, are you really going to wear a nursing bra once you don't have to?), I figured I'd share my boards here.

Be warned: I'm no fashionista and I suck MAJORLY at accessorizing. I rarely wear anything besides my wedding rings and the same pair of ziamonds that I got for Christmas a few years ago (because I'm wayyyy too cheap to wear real diamond earrings). But I manage to put myself together most days and feel half cute sometimes. So why not share the love?

Running around the mall is a thing of the past, unless I want to drag a limp toddler behind me while pushing two other kids in a stroller. So most of my purchases are made online and I rarely shop at stores that don't provide free shipping and free returns. These Polyvore boards have been like a virtual fitting room for me. Or at least that's how I'm justifying wasting spending time online making outfit boards. I'm simply saving myself time and anguish in a public setting...


Mango knit top / Motherhood sleeveless top / AG Jeans premiere skinnies / Timex watch / Cubic zirconia earrings / Love Quotes scarf / Essie polish

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