Sunday, October 28, 2012

Selection Sunday

We are just about two weeks out from closing on the new house and I couldn't be more excited. These last few weeks have been super crazy as all of the finishing details make their way into the house. Finally we are getting to see 10+ months of decisions coming to life.

The painters, plumbers, electricians and gardeners are all at the house this week and next. I can't wait to see the house with lights wired, appliances in place and mirrors and fixtures on the walls. The master bathroom is really starting to come together, so I thought I'd post some progress pictures.

The last of the hardware, fixtures and textiles should be in by the end of the week. Here are a few of the items still missing. We decided to go with a plantation shutter above the tub with a relaxed valance over the shutter in Windor Smith's Riad fabric. It's a spot on match for the wall color. This will be the last item installed, and may even happen after we close.
One of the items that is completely missing from our bathroom right now is a vanity. In our floor plan you can see it placed between the tub and the shower unit. I didn't want to order new cabinetry for this space, I felt like it needed something with a little more character that was a little less new. This is sort of the look I'm going for, hopefully a few kid-free hours with wine, girlfriends and antique stores will solve this problem!
Lighting: Circa Lighting Bryant Sconce; Mirrors: Allen + Roth; Towel Bars: Moen Vestige; Towel Hook: Schoolhouse Electric; Knobs and Pulls: Top Knobs Asbury Collection; Shower Floor: White Venatino Mini Versailles with QSeal; 3x6 Subway Tiles: Bright Snow White (glossy) with TEC949 Silverado epoxy grout; Floor: 12x12 White Venatino with QSeal set on brick pattern TEC949 Silverado grout; Countertops: Honed Carrara Marble; Vanity: Crystal Cabinetry with inset bead, regent door, small drawers – slab, large drawers – 5 panel in Frosty White Matte; Sinks: Mansfield Covington 21x13; Faucets: Moen Vestige; Tub: St. Croix 6; Bath and Shower Fixtures: Moen Vestige roman tub filler w/ handheld, Moen Kingsley single function showerhead, Moen Waterhill rainfall showerhead.

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