Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

There is nothing better than a holiday when you have kids. I had more fun this Halloween than I can ever remember having on any Halloween in my life. Except for maybe the one year that my mom's boyfriend taught me and my friends how to shoot shaving cream 50 feet by replacing the nozzle with an aerosol can nozzle. But that was also a night we almost got arrested in high school, so I probably shouldn't share that story in case we can still be held accountable for our actions two decades later.

{ the kids marching in their preschool parade }

The kids were HILARIOUS. Some of my favorite memories that I will treasure forever:

{ Popeye and Olive Oyl with daddy }

  • Ryan eagerly ringing the doorbell to our neighbors' houses, pressing his face to the glass side lites on their doors eagerly awaiting their appearance and then running and hiding behind me once they opened the door.

  • Reese pushing Ryan in the wagon from house to house. 

  • {sweet pea }

  • Ryan wearing his trick or treat bag on his head like a hat. I honestly think he thought it was a special Halloween hat. 

  • Asking Reese if she wanted candy and having her vigorously shake her head no, while saying "no, ape!" (i.e. No, I want grapes). Ha! 

  • { Ry showing his sister how to best utilize her ToT bag }

  • Ryan holding his arm out in front of him to admire his anchor "tattoo" between each house. 

  • { the only thing better than one hat is TWO HATS :) }

  • And, my favorite new memory of all, the kids taking the candy out of their bags and putting it into people's bowls. Instead of taking candy, they were giving their candy away. Hysterical. 
I love them so much. I still have yet to get a picture of all three munchkins together in costume, so Joe promised me we'll stage a Halloween photo shoot this week.

{ typical of our twins - Ryan riding inside something and Reese pushing him }

Regardless, we had a wonderful evening and I am so in love with my three amigos that I can hardly put it into words. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. And to those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope your families are safe and warm and relief from the storm gets to you soon.

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