Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Naked Neighbor

There are times in my life where I just lack common sense. It isn't intentional, and I don't qualify myself as an airhead, but when I tell these stories to, well, anyone they look at me in shock. Not long after we moved into our current house, Joe came home from work late at night. He came upstairs and walked into our bedroom and asked me what the hell I was doing. I said, what does it look like? I'm putting on my PJ's. To which he replied, then why are the curtains open? To which I replied, it's dark out, no one can see.

Ha. Idiot. I had no idea that when it was dark OUTside and light INside, anything happening inside becomes a veritable movie theater; consequently, I became the naked neighbor. What can I say? I grew up in a lot of apartments without a lot of windows. These weren't things I needed to know.

{ master bath windows }

When we were designing the new house, I really wanted the master bathroom to face the backyard since there is nothing behind us and we have a huge window over our tub. The layout would have created some issues and so we flip flopped the master bedroom and the master bath.

I need to come up with window treatments for this room soon or it will be virtually unusable at move in since we'd really like to avoid the whole naked neighbor issue again.

It's hard to tell how much of the window we need to cover. I think we only need to cover the bottom...but I don't want to take the chance of being topless just above the window coverings. The other factor to consider is the convenience of closing the window treatment for privacy. The tub deck is wide and so closing off the window (may?) require actually climbing into the tub. This is the only window in the bathroom, so I really don't want to cut off all of our natural light either.

I think plantation shutters or combination of shutters/shades, are the best option. But I'm reallyyyyy digging the sweeping shades in some of my inspiration photos. Here are some of the options I'm considering.

{ roman shade with plantation shutter }

{ shutter on the bottom only }

{ straight cordless shade }

{ two separate cordless shades - one per pane }

{ cafe curtains covering 3/4 of the window }

{ one sweeping roman shade }

{ plantation shutters that are the full size of the window }

{ stacked plantation shutters, allowing the top to be fully open at times }

As you can see, there is no specific pattern or direction emerging. Just a bunch of pretty pictures and any of them would work. And since I'm in full on nesting mode, I'm over-complicating this...a lot. We're totally going to end up having to shower in the kids' bathroom because I can't make up my mind. 

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