Friday, September 21, 2012

Birth Plan, Hospital Bag and a 20/20 Registry

Little Lola is 23 days from her scheduled arrival. I am not at all ready. By this time last pregnancy my bags had been packed for weeks, lists were everywhere and I was "completely in control" (ha!). Tuesday night I lost part of my mucous plug (you're welcome for that visual), my contractions got as close as 12 minutes apart and I thought, "holy shit, I'm going to have a kid today". And then the little bugger went to sleep and that was that.

At my 36 +4 week appointment yesterday I found out I am 100% effaced and 2 cm dilated. And Lola is very, very low (uh, I didn't need an internal to tell me that...). Hopefully this all means this little peanut is working on her exit strategy. They think I won't make it to October 14th and frankly I hope they are right. I am exhausted and ready to bring her I can be even more exhausted.

We have a wedding that is encompassing our whole universe this weekend and then the focus is on packing for the hospital and tying up as many loose ends at both houses as possible. I looked back on my previous birth plan and hospital bag pack list and the hospital bag list is spot on for this trip to L&D also. Now I just need to actually use it to pack. I'm not sure if I'll waste time rewriting another birth plan since I am 99.4% sure that no one actually read it last time. Or if they did it was over donuts and coffee at the nurses station whilst making fun of me...

As for my registry, obviously I didn't have/need one this time around. But my sister asked me for my registry list and I went back through and edited my original for her with my now 20/20 parenting genius (also known as hindsight). Here it is for anyone that is a soon-to-be first time mom. Take it with a grain of salt as different things work for different people.

Updated Registry

In other pregnancy land updates, the proofs from my maternity pictures came in this week. Our photographer did an amazing job capturing our lives -- the real moments, not just the pretty posed pictures (again). I am so thankful to have her as a photographer and friend. I should have the DVD of the images in hand soon. This one in particular killed me, as it is my daily life in a nutshell. Kisses from one kid; death grip on another. Life is beautiful.

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