Sunday, August 5, 2012

Selection Sunday

We found out on Tuesday that we needed to finalize all of our paint selections for the new Thursday. Each color, beyond a few of the whites we selected, is painted at a labor upcharge making any mistake both financially and visually costly. Our builder was really gracious about letting me paint swatches on the drywall and even met me at the house to contribute his opinion :)

I had thought about what I wanted to go with for a color scheme in the new house, but we have yet to pick fabrics, rugs, additional furnishings -- you know, the things you normally pull color from. I frantically selected shower curtains for the bathrooms and then just rolled with the rest, trying to stick with colors that were either neutral enough to serve as a backdrop for a future room or matching existing pieces (i.e. the drapes in the kids' rooms and our guest bedroom, tile in our mudroom and powder room) to come up with a plan.

And this is what we selected.

Without coming back to these pins directly, I think we really ended up exactly where we wanted to be.

Our painters start on Monday and will prime and put on the first coat of color everywhere this week. The second coat doesn't hit the walls until after everything -- from cabinets and trim to builtins -- are installed. I can't wait to walk through our house on Friday and see it really start coming to life.

(1) SW Sea Salt; (2) SW Repose Gray; (3) BM Feather Gray; (4) BM Cape Hatteras Sand; (5) BM Fairview Taupe; (6) BM Grant Beige; (7) SW Creamy; (8) BM White Dove; (9) BM Floral White; (10) BM China White; (11) SW Eider White.

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