Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun with Joe and Nik

Someone once told me that building a house is not for the faint of heart. I chuckled at the thought of house building being the equivalent to the Cuban Missile Crisis. But the process is a lot more taxing than I thought. Granted, it's all small fries in comparison to real world problems. But I've never been so busy or made so many decisions in all of my life. It's easy to get caught up in things like the size of a window and an ill-placed outlet and feel like your world is coming crashing down on your head.

The kids started summer camp last week and I'm so thankful to not have to drag them up and down the highway for meeting after meeting. But even with them in camp 5 hours a week, I'm still scrambling to find time to get everything done.

Today was no different. We've been prepping all afternoon for another week of showings and then while the kids napped, Joe drew our kitchen island and our dining room table in sidewalk chalk so that we can pick the size of our pendant lights. The rooms are open to one another and the island and the table will be visually "stacked". I was hoping to do some combination of 3 and 2 to keep it visually interesting, but after taking some measurements at the house we realized that the size of the table we can fit is smaller than we anticipated.

{ kitchen island pendant }

{ informal dining table lanterns }

I've stared at these pictures for the last 45 minutes, in between reading Karen Katz books, and I am borderline obsessing right now. Two pendants, three pendants? Eleven inches or seventeen? My brain hurts.

{ 17" pendants and three lanterns }

{ 11" pendants and three lanterns }

{ 11" pendants and two lanterns }

{ 17" pendants and two lanterns }

I've held onto a few pictures that have these lights in them, but without knowing actual dimensions of the other houses it's hard to put things into perspective (literally and figuratively). So, where possible, I emailed the homeowners. Hopefully someone feels inclined to show mercy on my inability to visualize things and breaks out a tape measure and writes me back. A girl can dream.

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