Friday, June 22, 2012

Pool Peanuts

I love summer. A lot. I love scorching heat and pools and running through sprinklers. I even like sweating for doing nothing other than sitting outside. I think it's the Florida still in me this many years later. But I love it.

We took advantage of our town's pool and got family passes. The pool is a little inconvenient as it doesn't open till noon and I would love to kill time there in the morning before naps. But it's been a fun place to go after naps before dinner and on the weekends. And really I can't complain about a place that is 5 minutes from our house that I can take the kids to burn off some of their excess energy.

The kids took a few trips before they started warming up to the pool, well really the other kids at the pool. But now they are regular splashers and players. Which is awesome. As hard as this age is, there are so many fun things that start to happen. I love watching them play independently and see how much different they are outside of our home.

My normally fearless and brazen kids are actually quite shy among their peers. They start summer camp two mornings a week in July, so it will be interesting to watch them evolve socially this summer. I'm sure the shyness is a fleeting phase.

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