Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything but the kitchen sink

Okay, well that's not true. We've picked the kitchen sink too. We're still struggling with the layout due to some *potential* issues with the refrigerator's door swing. But our new kitchen, in terms of selections anyway, is 96.4% complete.

The floor plan as it stands now has our fridge against the far wall. We went with a 36" bottom drawer unit and if the placement of the fridge keeps the door from opening fully (preventing us from accessing the drawers inside the fridge) then we'll likely move the refrigerator over to the 5'5" wall instead. I'd like to avoid this if possible since moving the fridge will mean we have a 13' run of cabinets on the main wall. It's almost impossible to make that look light and airy without making even more concessions.

We're going with a classic white and black kitchen. The cabinet doors will be pared down from the sample below. There won't be an inset bead on the drawer and the panel will be replaced by a plain shaker panel. I want to keep the cabinets and simple and classic as possible. 

{ our cabinet, tile and granite sample }

{ door style that we're modifying }

{ partially modified door }

{ sink and faucet }

{ pendants for over the island }

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