Monday, April 30, 2012

So Big!

The twins got some special shirts to help celebrate their new sibling this weekend. I'm hoping they'll still fit in October, as they'd be perfect to wear to the hospital.

Stop growing babies!

{ felt appliques ready to go }

{ waiting to be stitched up }

Forgive the pantless children, we don't get dressed until after 8 a.m. if we can help it and I was too excited to see them in their BIG gear to wait this morning.

{ in this house we stand on chairs rather than sit in them }

{ how sick is my son's cowlick? }

Thanks to Grace over at Finley and Oliver for the inspiration.

On a separate but related note, a goody bag came with our ultrasound purchase. I was sorting through the goody bag to see what was included when I reached in and pulled out a picture of my baby with a white arrow pointing to his/her junk. THANKFULLY I was so confused by what was in my hand and so focused on the white arrow that I didn't even see the baby's bits. I was not a happy camper. A little warning of "hey, I threw screenshots from your ultrasound in the bag, so be careful!" would have been great. It would have been even better if those pics were in a sealed envelope too. Ay yi yi. Like it's hard enough not to peak already!

Five more days. I feel like I've been doing this same countdown for a month. Oh...wait. I have.

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