Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tom the Builder

Tom the builder came by on Saturday to go over the first draft of our blueprints with us. We made a few changes to walls, finishes, the exterior and the three full baths. The house is amazing. I wanted to move into the drawings...yesterday.

We drove up to the property on Sunday to scope out some of our neighbor's exterior finishes and got to walk through a house that we've already seen several times, but now it's 3 weeks away from completion. The house is not my aesthetic in terms of finishes, but oh my gosh Tom the builder did such an amazing job on this house.

As an aside we had taken the kids for a run that morning and then stopped at Dunkin Donuts and the kids got their first ever munchkins. By the time we got up to the new property the kids were in PJ's and dirty hoodies with chocolate smashed into their eyebrows...at noon. They looked like little white trash babies. I may have never been more embarrassed.

We got talking with Tom the Builder and found out he's also BFF with one of my father in law's old coworkers and dear friends. Turns out he built that friend's (very adorable) home. Things all seem very kismet and we are so happy that we moved forward with this builder in this neighborhood.

Our plan revisions should be completed sometime today and we should be able to review them again tomorrow. I'm not really sure how much of this process to share, so I've decided to just share information when we have it. It seems that the process happens in ebbs and flows with a few weeks in between big milestones anyway. So hopefully this process won't become the sole focus of my existence. Here are the first round of the plans before they were marked up. Well, we had already marked up the elevation drawing. But the other two were first iterations.

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