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September 2011

McMonkeys, by eight months your personalities were really emerging! You would reach to Daddy and I for us to pick you up, which was so awesome. There is nothing like seeing that for the first time. Reesie you went through a little stranger danger phase and you only wanted me. I felt bad for anyone that tried to hold you, because you would lose your mind. But I secretly didn't mind that you only wanted me to hold you. I used to dream about being a baby's safety person and I was gladly that for you!

Mobility finally entered our house at eight months. While we were in Nantucket you crawled for the first time Reese! By the end of the month you were an expert. You could go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting, but once you figured out how to crawl you took off and never wanted to stop. And boy, did you get fast! Poor Gracie never stood a chance. As soon as you took off, the only thing you wanted to do was grab that poor dog's tail. She was so patient with you, you guys love each other so much.

{ Daddy put you to work! }

Not long after you started crawling you figured out how to crawl to the couch and the coffee table and pull yourself up to standing. Uh-oh! Once you could stand, you were quite content to cruise the furniture or walk while holding on to us or a toy. I was certain you'd be an early walker. But you've been too cautious to let go.

Ry, you were still in the rolling phase, and with sissy's new talent you certainly had no motivation to move! She'd cruise by and bring you toys. You could sit in the same spot in the playroom and have a wealth of toys handed to you for hours. You were rolling like a madman though, and after months of forcing you back to your back while sleeping you were finally back to being a belly sleeper and you started sleeping longer and happier as a result! I wish I wouldn't have fought that so badly at the beginning. First time mom craziness.

Daddy and I took you guys to Nantucket at the beginning of September. It's probably our favorite place on Earth. We spent our what was left of our honeymoon there after getting evacuated from our real honeymoon by a category 5 hurricane and we've been back annually since. We've dreamed of the day we would take you to Dionis Beach and dip your piggies in the surf. You loved it!

Reese you were a crawling fool, digging in the sand. Ry, you just dug with your toes from the blanket. You guys ate more sand than I care to recount. Your grandma was so stressed about the sand eating, but you've got to pick your battles and that was one war I wasn't going to win.

While we were in Nantucket you had your first bite of lobster and Ryan tried to sneak his first beer too!

We had some of the worst weather we've ever had while vacationing there, which was a major bummer. But one thing was quite clear from our few days out of the house -- you guys are beach babies! Just like your Momma!

Gracie loves the beach too, and you guys got such a kick out of watching her dig in the sand and swim in the ocean. You even "threw" her ball for her a few times and she'd run (two inches) after it and bring it back to you. You guys are going to have so much fun there next summer. I already can't wait!!

In September you both babbled up a storm, but Reese you had your first first actual words -- "mama" and "dada". It was clear you didn't associate those words with us just yet, but hearing mumumum mama, made my heart swell.

You were both masters of finger foods and while you loved all food, Miss Reese, you only actually got food into your mouth about 80% of the time. Eating was a mess for a while.

Ry, you were still the finickiest little eater in the world, but you were amazing with the pincer grasp and your coordination was unreal! You would pick up each morsel of food and examine it throughly before putting it into your mouth. Ha! What a crack up you were (you still are!).

RyRy, I have to say eight months was one of my favorite months as your mom so far. You became quite the lover then. You could actually act on your desire to give hugs and kisses and it was pretty much all you wanted to do. Every time I'd get you from your crib after a nap or in the morning you'd pull me in so tight and hold me so hard. You're still like this, but you want to get playing a lot quicker than you did back then. And you gave kisses, oh so many kisses!

We also took you guys apple picking for the first time. Puff, we always knew you loved animals and you have always gone to great lengths to pet them. But our time apple picking showed you are generally fearless (almost a little too fearless!) when it comes to your four legged friends.

At the apple farm near our house they have a petting zoo. You were reaching into the fence to touch the cows and the sheep and even the goat (who tried to eat your shoe!) Your Daddy kept feeding the animals grass and you were giggling and screeching and reaching your little fingers and arms out as far as you could to pet them. You were cute as a button.

Ry, you ate your apple and then slept through the entire petting zoo! Ha.

The fall is when things really started getting fun, and time really started flying. I remember it all like it was going in fast forward. You guys still looked like babies in these pictures. It's hard to believe they were only taken four months ago.

When I was a little girl, Grandma used to say to me "no matter how big you get, you'll always be my little baby". I always thought that was silly to say. Of course I wouldn't be a baby. Seeing you growing up so fast before my eyes; well, I get it now.

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