Thursday, November 3, 2011

FET #1

is a big fat f*cking negative.

We have decided to cycle again. I start IVF #4 with my December period. We have to redo our consent forms and have a meeting with our RE about the upcoming cycle. Joe also has to redo his SA and bloodwork since its been more than a year since our last fresh cycle.

I asked to cycle around the holidays and the babies' first birthday. I don't want their first Christmas or their birthday to be affected by our desire to have another baby. They were able to shift my calendar so that I will not start stims until January 8, which means my ER, ET and beta will fall after the babies' birthday in January.

We are toying with the idea of doing a limited fertilization cycle. We agree that we both want 1 more child. I would like 2 more children, Joe is open to having a fourth but would not intentionally pursue having four children if there was a choice. I don't want to do another fresh cycle again after this, and limiting our fertilization may leave us with no other option.

In addition to limited fertilization, I'm also considering an sET with the next cycle. Even though it means I may have to cycle to conceive again.

So that is that. Lots to think about and another month to decide.

If anyone has done limited fertilization or sETs and can lend some advice or insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers, my friends.

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