Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rise and Shine

Our mornings start around 7 a.m. which is a blessing, because it wasn't all that long ago when Ryan was fond of crowing from his crib at 5:30 and I thought we'd never sleep past sunrise again. The kids normally drink bottles and then play with one another in the living room. Playtime is a lot more interesting now that they can get to things that they want (generally they want whatever the other has).

{ this is what a 3 pound weight advantage looks like }

{ what Mom? see, we're sharing... }

{ the roll around for about an hour and then they eat again, this is the life }

{ what I find on my way back from refilling my coffee cup }

{ the spider monkey is useful, but not efficient enough to keep up with Reese }

The babies are a riot to watch now. They are both rough and tumble. Reese is definitely not a girly girl (at least not so far). After they get done rolling around and playing they eat breakfast. I do the prepping, they do the eating. Aside from things like yogurt, we are fully on finger foods (a month ahead of my goal!) and eating is so much more relaxing and fun for everyone. We can eat in restaurants and on the go and there is nothing I can't / won't / don't give them. Fun times.

Then we play some more and wait for our nap "sweet spot" a.k.a. the time that they go down and stay down for a full two hour nap. Right now our sweet spot is 10:15 a.m. and not a moment sooner. 

These kids are getting so big. We're down to two naps, three bottles and three meals. I get so excited about everything with them now, but it's crazy to think that my tiny babies are slipping away from me with each day.

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