Thursday, October 6, 2011

38 Weeks Old

Another photo shoot, and another week gone by. On Saturday my babies will have been outside of my belly as long as they were inside of my belly. That's unbelievable to me.

{ why do they look so big? }

This week Ryan got on all fours and started rocking, doing the little hop hop thing and reaching out an arm (only to fall flat on his face, rather than move forward). He's not trying to crawl as hard as his sister did, but he's trying. Which means that life is going to get a lot more interesting here soon.

{ shaking her head no, no, no when say sit next to your brother and behave, ha! }

{ he's laughing at her shaking her head no at me, 
I'm quite outnumbered these days }

He's still the happiest boy I've ever met. Snuggly and sensitive. Plays with a box of blocks for hours, has funny little toes that are always curled and hides his face when he's excited about something. Ryan is my best cuddle buddy.

{ "Oh hi, Mom! Whatcha doin?" }

This week Reese has gotten brave. She will hold onto furniture with just one hand. She's taught herself how to fall from standing (by flopping on her butt) and she will walk while holding on to the furniture. She's getting into lots of trouble these days, hands in everything. Yanking on tables, curtains, climbing into the dog's water bowl. We've put up more fences and gates in one week than I care to recount.

{ seriously with these kids, I just love them to pieces }

The whole photo shoot was her crawling to grab my camera and me moving her back to sit next to Ryan. What will I do when they can both crawl?? Probably have a lot less time to take pictures, that's for sure.

And tonight, on her 38th week of life, she learned how to do this.

Which means all of the childproofing we managed to do in the last 72 hours still isn't enough.

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