Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Fishies

We took the kids to Victoria Pool for the first time yesterday. Their bumble bee and lady bug weren't approved flotation devices (go figure) so the boys became the floatation devices of choice. My kids are almost too comfortable in the water. 

I was super excited to have my brother with us, because the water was way too cold for me. I couldn't believe the kids were happy to go for a dunk. I thought for sure they'd stick their toes in and high tail it back to dry land. 

{ peek-a-boo, Daddy }

{ kick, kick, kick. Future Michael Phelps }

{ nom, nom, nom. Those top two teeth can't grow in soon enough. }

{ 33 weeks old }

{ love this little chipmunk }

{ still just pretending to crawl }

{ got you Daddy! }

{ what did parents do before Sophie? }

They tiny humans are not so tiny anymore. So much personality out of such itty bitty beings. I swear every time I pick them up from a nap they look a little bit bigger. I am in the middle of making their Halloween costumes and as soon as those are done I'm starting on their first birthday party. Because you know once Halloween hits, the year is pretty much over.

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