Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

{ our first (mall) Easter bunny }

Some shots from before mass. A big thanks to my mom for the bunny ears!

We had a wonderful visit with both sets of grandparents this weekend. Took the kids to mass this morning and they were wonderful. Not a peep out of them, they just looked around and took it all in. Our priest was overjoyed to see them at church and gave them a special blessing during communion. We really belong to a wonderful parish.

After mass we took the family to brunch and then came back to the house for some cuddle time with the kids where I finally got my husband to get behind the camera so that I could have some pictures with the babies. I think these are the first pictures I have with them since their newborn photo shoot.

{ getting harder and harder to hold them at the same time! }

Our house was full of love and laughter. A blessing indeed. I have to include just one more, because it's too cute not to - this kid makes the best faces ever. Happy Easter to you and yours, I hope you had a blessed day!

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