Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reese: 7 weeks

Good Morning Miss Priss, you are seven weeks old today. I've been meaning to write you this letter for a long time now, but you've been keeping me on my toes. Daddy and I often joke that if we had two babies as high maintenance as you are we'd run away.

{ the day you were born }

So let me tell you a little bit about your last 49 days of life. When you were born your poor little face was so swollen (especially your eyes) that mommy was worried about you! But after a week your swelling went down and the prettiest little face was revealed. You have the most perfect little lips, like a porcelain doll, and the tiniest little tongue that you stick out all the time and make the funniest little faces. Your little eyes aren't strong enough to focus very well, and so you are often cross-eyed. It sounds bad, but it's actually quite cute.

Your expressions bring such joy to our hearts. Because of the faces you make and your animated features, we started calling you Bug. Partly because you were so bug-eyed when you were born and partly because you are so tiny and cute like a little ladybug. I hope you don't hate us for the nickname when you're a teenager!

{ your first week home }

{ 3 weeks old, the day Daddy went back to work }

You are our little sleeping beauty and we sure have learned that you, my dear, need your rest. When you wake up from a good nap you arch your back, tilt your head backward, put your arms up over your head and purse your little lips. Mommy has been trying to capture this on film for weeks but it's hard to do since she's always the one holding you. It's quite possibly the cutest wake up the world has ever seen.

{ the best picture I've been able to get of your sleep stretch! }

You'll kill me for this one day I'm sure, but sometimes you wake up and you are not cute and sweet. Daddy and I joke that sometimes we've "released the Kraken". You start by breathing funny, with nasally little inhalations and then you start to snort. You manage to snort and huff for a full five or ten minutes (you are that slow to wake up) and we always know what's coming. A full out cry. Daddy and I tease you a lot (we don't take too many things seriously, as I'm sure you already know) and so we'll breathe and snort like you and laugh at the sounds you make. Know that we do so out of complete and total love. And one day if you need an inhaler, we'll buy you one.

You still love to sleep in a tight little ball with your legs crossed and your hands near your face, just like you did in Mommy's belly.

{ how you slept in my belly, except you were upside down! }

At night you curl up with Daddy and you nuzzle so far into his side that we worry you'll suffocate, but no matter how many times we move you, you squirm until you are right up next to him with your face buried into his armpit. Your head always smells like Old Spice deodorant because of it.

Your doctor says you have colic, but Mommy and Daddy realized that what you really have is a preference for a LOT of sleep so we stopped waking you up from your naps and you are finally a happy(ier) baby.

{ how Daddy helped you with your colic }

You smile and coo and follow us with your eyes. You're happiest when your held and as much as you love to sleep you hate being put down for a nap. When you are the most inconsolable the only person who can get you to nap is your Daddy. You just love being in his arms. He'll walk laps around the house for hours for you. He loves you very much and you already have his whole heart in the palm of your tiny hand.

{ modeling Daddy's hat }

Speaking of your hands, they are the most dainty hands anyone has ever seen. You and your brother are almost the same size and weight, but other than that there is no comparison. Your hands and feet are so teeny tiny and you are so delicate. Lifting you is like lifting a bag of feathers. I love to play with your toes and you love it when I rub them while you are nursing.

By two weeks old, you could already roll from side to side and you were a tummy time champ. Now at 7 weeks you can hold your head up all by yourself and turn it from side to side.

You've recently learned to grip things with your hands. Your favorite things to grab are Mommy's hair and the drawstrings on Daddy's hoodies.

You and Gracie have really hit it off and you love it when she lays next to you and kisses your face, though you're still not sure what to make of her when she gets riled up and tries to play with you. When that happens you purse your lips and clench your fists so tight your knuckles turn white.

You love your swing and the sound of the ocean, but the bouncy chair bores you to death. You've had such a hard time with getting up air bubbles in your tummy that we bought you a Moby wrap; you can sleep for hours when you are strapped to my chest. Your favorite wraps are the kangaroo and the newborn hug hold - ones that let your head be next to my heart. I have to say that holding you so close, watching you sleep and listening to you breathe will be one of the things I miss most about you being this tiny.

You have somehow figured out how to pull your hands and arms into the body of your onesie in your sleep. Ironically, you've also figured out how to stick your foot out through the button holes. Every morning I wake up wondering where your limbs will be!

You are still wearing all newborn clothes, but we think you are about 2 weeks away from finally fitting into some of your 0-3 month and 3 month sizes. I love playing dress up with you and guessing what will fit you each week.

{ your first pair of jeans }

Mommy's favorite color is purple so she bought you a ton of purple clothes, but I soon realized that while purple is my favorite, you look the prettiest in pale pink. It's definitely your color!

Daddy noticed two weeks ago that you have little waves of brown (or hazel) floating into your right eye, he was convinced you'd have blue eyes. You sure fooled him. You definitely have Daddy's nose and we're pretty sure that you'll have Mommy's eye color and blonde hair, but I guess only time will tell. 

After so many years of waiting and so many months of anticipation you are finally here and our worlds will never be the same. You are so much more amazing, more beautiful and more sweet than we could have ever dreamed. We have loved every second of being your parents (even the rough ones!) and we are so excited to watch you grow.

Happy Seven Weeks Bug! 


{ seven weeks old }

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