Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 Week Old

I can't believe my babies are already a week old. The time is going by too quickly. Just way too quickly. I look at their faces from when we were in the hospital and they're so different now. I'm trying to enjoy every second, but sometimes I have to put them down and just sleep. And I wake up missing them. I have so much more I want to write about this week, things I've learned, things I'm experiencing, hopefully I'll slow down a bit and be able to log all of these memories!

We're on a 3 hour schedule right now that's working pretty great. I'm terrified of how things will go once Joe goes back to work. He's supposed to go back on Wednesday, but I'm praying that his coworkers have mercy on us and let him stay home Thursday and Friday so that I have a few more days before I'm christened by fire.

Happy one week babies! Mommy loves you more than you could ever imagine.

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