Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surviving December

1. Movies On-Demand.

I can't stomach the idea of paying for Netflix and our Red Box movies normally are the suck. So I can somehow justify spending $3.99 a movie to order from my couch. So far this month we've rented The Town (so good! it made my palms sweat!) and Date Night (hysssssterical). Since I pretty much live on the couch these days, and since all of my favorite shows decided to take a 6 week hiatus (yes, I'm talking to you Brothers and Sisters and Grey's Anatomy) I'm loving the On Demand this month. 

2. My new Canon T1i

When I was out camera shopping I went to a local store and told the guy behind the counter exactly what I wanted. He replied with something to the effect of - you're like a housewife that doesn't know how to boil water trying to buy the tools of a chef. I was super pissed and I stormed out of the store.

Well, he was halfway right. Dang dSLRs are not easy things to use out of the box. But I am trying really hard to read the manual (in between reading breastfeeding and sleep method books). And I just ordered the Canon T1i for Dummies book - cause clearly I qualify as a dummy - so I'm hoping that I'll be able to figure out how to take rockstar pictures before the twins are one. If my Christmas pictures were any indication, I have a lot of learning to do. Sigh.

3. Christmas Cards 

If you sent us one, thank you. Joe and I spent Christmas alone this year - we weren't sure if the twins would come early and all of our family lives out of state so having them come to us, then leave and then possibly have to come back to us a few days later didn't make a lot of sense. So Christmas cards were our one connection to the outside world and even though we were alone, we felt so loved. 

At 470 calories a pop, this little cup of heaven is something I would have NEVER drank if I wasn't already packing on the lbs. I seriously stop by Starbucks twice a week now for my special treat. In fact, some days it's the only reason I leave the house! Seriously, delish. I asked my local barista when they were taking their seasonal drinks off the menu and he told me just after the new year. Thank god. My ass can't afford for this deliciousness to be a permanent staple (on their menu or in my diet).

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